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What are the general provisions of flame detector

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
1, the flame detector is the main part of fire protection device. To the chamber of a stove or furnace and burner flame test, the correct enough sensitivity and anti-interference ability, element has a certain temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and service life, can signal measured in a reliable way. What forms of flame detector probe method is used, should be according to the properties of the flame were related to the fuel selected. Without a long time to run the test and obtain the certificate of approval of flame detector identified should not promote adoption. 2, the installation position and quantity of flame detector related to the furnace and the specific structure of burner, and the characteristics of fuel, and the function of the safety protection requirements in relevant. In the chamber of a stove or furnace design, it should consider the arrangement of the flame detector and its event horizon. Should be put into operation, on-site commissioning, to determine the best Angle of monitoring. When monitoring the whole furnace flame is used, should be the top of the chamber of a stove or furnace four side burner upper part, respectively installed flame detector; When monitoring a single burner or a layer of flame, at least in the most down, and the middle layer of burners are equipped with flame detector. The burner flame detector probe, should be sensitive extents, flames when the flame may from observation section, should adjust the probe installation position. Design and installation, should consider the possibility of operating personnel to conduct the adjustment. 3, in order to ensure the stability, the flame detector probe work from soot pollution, should have enough wind pressure and air volume of dedicated fan ( And have a spare) To probe the supply filtered clean the cooling air, to ensure the positive pressure in chamber of a stove or furnace, furnace smoke not to probe in direct contact, avoid the probe component temperatures exceed allowable values. 4, element to the flame detector should be self-checking function, the element has a failure, can automatically sends a signal.
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