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What is a good brand car clothes? Clothing what kind of material is good

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

XGO automobile net (date) (month) (year) reported many owners have cars, put on a piece of clothing habits, hoping to reduce the car surface. A reliable quality of car, it can be dustproof, prevent bask in, prevent acid rain, and so on. But the clothing brand on the market is too wide, for many novice owners, it is difficult to determine 'what brand clothing'
car cloth cover commonly known as car costumes, are generally according to the shape of the car size made of cloth or other flexible wear-resisting material outside the overall. High temperature hot summer, many businessmen bask market demand to launch all kinds of auto car cloth cover, by the vast number of car owners alike.
analysis: what is a good brand clothing?
the reporter saw in Tmall mall and other shopping sites that are selling the car summer bask in the tens of thousands of pieces. Clothing in - price Yuan, some clothing packing small and light, seconds to automatically open, the second operation is completed, and the merchants of launched 'set is prevented bask in five' include clothing, prevent bask in membrane, etc.
as to what brand clothing is good, the owner read ( ) In this article. The article introduces the summer clothing in the choose and buy skills, and also recommend a few articles quality reliable brand of clothing. Want to buy the summer bask in clothing consumers can go and see.
auto refitting rindia teacher said, some abnormal clothing brand on the market is various, if car garment price is too low, carefully consider whether to buy the best car in the garment. Normally, this kind of material of car work and materials are not too good, it is easy to scratch the paint problem.

reading: what is a good material clothing?
auto refitting rindia teacher said, prevent bask in summer clothing must have characteristics such as thermal insulation, waterproof, dustproof, sunscreen, summer clothing is sunscreen insulation flame retardant materials. Its material is divided into single coating material, flocking material, nano flame retardant material, Larkin flame retardant materials and special cloth material and so on.
but in fact, many merchants in multifunction fire is prevented bask in heat to attract more customers, and the so-called 'universal' car, using raw materials rarely have sunscreen insulation flame retardant effect, this car is a big of the sun, using inferior material of car not only failed to control the temperature inside the car, can also lead to car spontaneous combustion.
owner reference here, ) This article introduces several clothing brand. Introduction of summer bask in the car, in the article is highest Tmall mall sales and received the best rate. Journalists say, want to buy the summer bask in clothing consumers, can consider the article introduces several summer clothing brand.
count: the downside of inferior clothing
don't waterproof: because they are in sewing clothing with single suture, they may also use large needle sewing, thus greatly reduced the waterproof function of clothing, to processing, no matter what they use advanced fabrics are not superior waterproof function. The silver on the number of not waterproof standard, the water pressure processing only do about reducing costs.
don't flame retardant: these clothing fabric though is advanced, but not on the technology of flame retardant fabrics meet the national standards, some even garment factory, 'flame retardant banner car didn't add flame retardant on the fabric! When fireworks such as sparks, splashed onto the clothing, clothing is not flame retardant, but may have the effect of fuel, greatly endanger the safety of the surrounding.
don't snow cream: this is may not be advanced fabrics, fabrics and clothing on the amount of cotton wool also did not meet the national standards, the general said cotton clothing, their cotton wool quantity only, the national standards for advanced cotton wool.
the last remind each owner, if you want to buy a car, to the normal manufacturer, pay attention to prevent bask in the material of car covers, at the same time to identify the role of car sun shield; Under the condition of high temperature to make cars and spontaneous combustion of insulation, also want to pay more attention to detail, such as, do not use gas lighters, air freshener, perfume and other flammable items in the car, not to be, matches open flame near the covered with sunscreen items such as vehicle, complete protection, let the car can really live scorching sun 'baked'.
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