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Which electric shock device company doing OBM?
In comparison with the companies who can supply ODM and OEM service, there are actually few companies that are capable of supplying OBM support. Original Brand Manufacturer means a shock device company that retails their own branded shock device under its own brand name. The OBM manufacturer will be responsible for everything including the production and development, supply price, delivery and promotion. OBM service achievement requires a strong set of sales network in the international and associated channels establishment which costs considerably. Together with the rapid growth of Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd., it has been striving to offer OBM service in the future.

As an expert in producing self defense tools, Tianwang has transcended most other peer manufacturers in the domestic market. Tianwang produces a number of different product series, including arc lighter. The product features all-round protection. It adopts high-performance and insulating electrical components, which can effectively prevent any sudden electrical problem. It is extremely popular in the markets of America and Europe. Tianwang conducts production in strict accordance with national and industrial standards. Strict quality inspection is carried out on high voltage generator before leaving the factory. This ensures that the final product on the market is safe and eco-friendly and is up to the national quality standards.

We constantly invest in modernizing production facilities and office space, with a view to enhancing efficiency and further reducing our environmental impact.
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