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Who is Mr Wu instigated hurt S? By four electric ones - beating Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Information on February 3, figure of wu, according to Taiwan's ettv reported, singer wu as 'foolish' fame, produced in the landing by humorous utterance in one of the judge at the masked singer. And in May 2016 he was accused of allegedly instigated cuts, the plaintiff miguel campos, head of entertainment & other; Mr S & throughout; In 2013 by four electric shock wand beaten, and involves the concert venue sublet, suspected crime of forgery. Taipei department think the evidence is insufficient, carried by disposition not to prosecute, another wounded Mr S republic, a man surnamed huang according to the harm of prosecution, and a man involved in RADIO is still in probing. Mr S said five years ago did not receive a dime for wu's propaganda album, the other party consents the Beijing concert to his company, execute the fee in concert, including sponsorship refusing to offset costs, but the mainland have the luxury of ban, concert didn't pass to postpone the approval. And he broke the other concert venues relet, are required to refund commission, have never thought so trouble, November 11, 2013, when he returned to his home by two men hold 30 cm electric ones face and body attack, thanks to the upstairs neighbor found report. Police monitor according to the crossroads, found that there are three men suspected of beating, and from tonly record found in wu and S the phone number of the male communication work, make the victim S men decided to this matter. Wu denied related to the case and said assistant when mobile phones will go to the show. Suspected of beating the republic, a man surnamed huang accounts that mobile phones have lent met in the men's RADIO club, but two people don't want to reveal RADIO's true identity, the content of the cell phone also not clear, cannot prove that wu's allegedly instigated damage. The concert venue relet, prosecutors after read the file that relevant information without signature miguel campos, head of the entertainment of seals, etc. , electric batons, provide file is mainland unit, not wu, part of the charges are not charged for singer. Wu in 2016 through the brokerage firm response: & other; My attitude is not respond, don't fall for it, not with others dance, although know respect the judicial process will be present to eat the stuffy deficit, but I still choose to respect the judicial, let time, justice also I innocence. ” , electric batons monopoly network
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