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Why revolver failed to become a regular army weapon? - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Because most people used to right hand gun, so the revolver turn wheel cylinders are designed to be left out, so it is more convenient to reload, so be called again revolver revolver. Although & other; Pistol & throughout; As a concept was born very early, but in the modern sense pistol really appear until 1835, this is Samuel & middot; Invented the colt revolver, October 22, colt won a UK patent, patent no. 6909 became recognized as the inventor of the revolver. Since the end of the 18th century, the westward movement in the United States, and to the west of America, the geographical concept into a unique feature of cultural concept, the revolver has played a role that grabs an eye, and become the outfits, including law enforcement and the perpetrators are favorite weapon. When the first world war broke out, revolver to become a weapon in many countries, but in a mere 20 years after the second world war, semi-automatic pistol is almost fully replace revolver, become the weapon almost all countries. Why is this? In fact, in terms of technology, revolver far more backward than semi-automatic pistol, so after the semi-automatic pistol mature technology, it is hard to compete with the revolver, this also has shortcomings of revolver. As physically see, semi-automatic pistol magazine for play, revolver using turning wheel cylinders, when need to install the sniper round to reload, even after two people reloading device can improve the reloading speed, can be shells or manual exit, thus directly reduces the rate of fire of revolver, and shot speed on the battlefield how important it is needless to say, too. And revolver is 5 ~ 6 reloading, semi-automatic pistol in addition to the diameter is too large such as M1911 and desert eagle, at least also can hold 8 rounds, fire continuous gap and then come out. Again, the pistol itself is the deputy self-defense weapons, don't carry too much ammunition, electric batons, bring much inconvenient instead, another bomb revolver nest and always inevitably have a gap between the barrel, it's doomed to install silencers, secret mission impossible. Revolver is not no advantages, however, at least not jam is any pistol ratio not, even experienced a dud, as long as to pull the trigger again can smooth firing next shot, the price also cheaper than other gun, so the revolver rarely used in the army, but in some law enforcement is still very popular. ( Coordinating editor: peng-fei du)
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