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Why the collective creative wenzhou lighter fall

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

the original lighter is just a tool to ignition, and now some forms, is a luxury brand grinding out the lighter has become a work of art, not only practical, there are certain ornamental, widely popular among collectors, said to collect lighters about people in China. Ever also trigger at the bar a Zippo tide, youth elites with all sorts of pattern with lighter another style.
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in years, he designed the first lighter could be designed for the universal exhibition in Paris.
to originate Yu Shiji givenchy (in the middle of the 纪梵希) Is one of the most can show character and temperament of the brand. With the traditional and classical looks down, givenchy to convey the message - — Elegant and pleasant. As the givenchy ( 纪梵希) Grade continuously extend, lighters are proposing a elegant another concept. Ji fan mothballed a lighter is a letter 'G' deformation combination, make it become the pronoun of elegant taste.
years, Dupont focused on design and production of a specially designed for fashion smokers new products -- - — A cigarette lighter with flammable liquid fuel. This elegant rectangular lighters, special design, size is accord with the palm of your hand and finger movements, concise and perfect, then sends out more about his 'sound of clear, gradually become a symbol of a kind of life art, but also encouraged peng ( 年代。 T. Dupont) A generation of master making cigarette lighters.
is to master the art of lighter when everyone has left a deep impression, will use in the cigarette lighter, unique design make it become a kind of art, believe that everyone will have the urge to want to have.

a fallen industry creative unique, elegant, give a person with a pleasant visual perception is the impression we get from earlier years lighters, lighter industry in positive territory for the year. But as the decades passed, the lighter industry is facing a falling, once the glory of the style has been replaced by a large number of collapse of the factory.
the end of last century, wenzhou has nearly more than lighter enterprises, occupy the market share of the global metal lighters %, and occupying China wenzhou lighter % of the market. Under the impact of the wenzhou lighters, Japan, South Korea, China's cigarette lighter manufacturers have % to fold, which Japan by the world's largest producer of lighters to become the largest importer. Years, wenzhou so gained the title of 'China metal shell lighter production'.
the number of enterprises in wenzhou lighter today has shrunk to less than the heyday of several home, Orient, general manager of Li Zhongjian had said, and even survive quality enterprises, still can't channels to obtain financing from the bank.
what makes market for good traditional lighters industry live not bottom go to? After reporter understanding, although wenzhou lighter product yield high, but it is OEM, the lack of independent intellectual property rights, low added value. In recent years, raw materials, energy, it is further reduced significantly lighter product profit space.
it is known that lighter orders at present mostly concentrated in the large enterprise with independent brands, OEM for small and medium-sized industry facing the challenge of traditional lighter is very serious.
in addition, the loan is one of the reasons for the traditional small and medium-sized enterprise unsustainable, wenzhou has a bank chief, said in the choice of small and medium-sized enterprise loan customers seem to be very pragmatic, 'if the customer before deposit in the bank, can lend to it, as long as there is a potential industry support. But in choosing customers, focus on two key is: one is the cash flow is abundant; 2 it is and which companies in the business, general will choose the small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises supporting business customers. '
seldom lighters industry customers. As local Banks in wenzhou, wenzhou bank a number of small and medium-sized enterprise customers also have no a lighters is engaged in the industry.
a full of cultural creative industry in the international market to the extent of the fall today, and we have to think, what makes the traditional industry has become so? Is in addition to rising raw materials, artificial factor, decades of OEM, not only property rights, does not have its own creative design, the process of innovation may be the root of the enterprise unsustainable.
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