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Why we choose 12V DC fog machine or smoke sprayer igniter?

Why we choose 12V DC fog machine or smoke sprayer igniter?


The 12V DC Smoke Sprayer igniter with three lines is an indispensable part in the work of the fog machine . What is a fog machine? The fog machine, also known as the smoke machine, is a kind of machinery used in the agricultural field used in the treatment of agricultural diseases and insect pests. Its function is to spray the atomized particles of the liquid by using the high-temperature and high-pressure gas stream generated by the gasoline mixed gas . At the moment of being in contact with the cold air in the air, smoke or mist forms and diffuses rapidly. The mist sprayer machine is widely used because it has sufficient atomization of the liquid medicine, small drug particles, and long-term diffusion of the drug in the work area.

Our company has developed and produced the fog machine igniter for agricultural and forestry machinery fight drugs from 1995 to the present.

Supply voltage of the smoke machine igniter can be range from DC 3.7V to 24V and can be used in harsh environments such as rain and fog.

The fog machine igniter can be continuously ignited for 10 minutes without damage, and the ignition performance is strong.

The mist igniter has stable performance, controllable quality and extremely low damage rate.

During the use of smoke spraying machine, it will encounter bad weather. For example, heavy fog, rain, etc. can cause the ignition of the igniter on the fightr to fail. The ignition switch will be pressed multiple times. If the quality of the igniter is not good, it will easily lead to damage to the igniter. Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd., newly developed a thermal fog machine igniter, mist igniter, and smoke machine igniter that can last for 10 minutes without ignition in order to reverse this situation and minimize the loss to the farmers.

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