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Windproof lighters _360 encyclopedia

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

windproof lighters with higher gas jet velocity can flow of gas in the lighter on the right parts of the lower pressure to more air 'sucked' in and intense reaction and lighter gas mixing and combustion flame formed by high temperature gas more inflation pressures that the flame with high speed jet so not easy to go out with the gas filling.

it is well known that windproof lighters is even under the high winds and other bad can ignite, and ordinary lighter is: why can't I? A lot of people think is windproof lighter fuel has the superiority, but it is not! What exactly is that principle let windproof lighters can be so magic? ( In fact windproof lighter fuel and butane)
using the Bernoulli principle, windproof lighters to use higher gas jet velocity, can be formed in the lighter gas flow channel appropriate parts of the lower pressure, to more air 'sucked' come in, and lighter gas mix, violent reaction, combustion, the flame formed by high temperature gas more inflation, pressure increase, flames of fire at high speed. So it is not easy to go out. If the fire is out, the high temperature of the metal net
others say why windproof lighter flame color is different from ordinary? The secret is the flame silk material. Everyone should know, has studied chemistry at different chemical elements produced by burning flame is not the same. Such as: sodium fire color is light, and the flame of potassium color is purple, copper is green. . .
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