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With the method of making the high voltage electric self-defense umbrella - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
The invention relates to an umbrella, concrete is a kind of self-defense umbrellas with high voltage electric. Technical background: every single women go out when it is easy to cause some lawless people's attention, especially in rainy day. Because of the road the pedestrian is less, and to see the rain, at this moment the female friends easily disturbed by others, but they are in addition to the umbrella and other tools can be used to self-defense. Technical implementation elements: the aim of the present invention is to provide a high voltage electric umbrella, umbrella umbrella rod with a high pressure, the tip can be used for self-defense. The present invention includes an umbrella, adopted by the technical scheme is that of an umbrella for the umbrella rod is equipped with a high pressure to the tip, the umbrella built-in high-voltage batteries, and a control switch in umbrella umbrella handle. Beneficial effects of this invention is to: as the sharp edge is equipped with high voltage electric umbrella umbrella, when it started to rain a female friend to go out, if you meet some wrong people harassment, you can open the umbrella handle the high voltage electric switch, and the umbrella umbrella tip of high-pressure electric to the others can have the effect of self-defense. The appended drawings show the following the appended drawings and implementation of invention for further details. Figure 1 is the invention structure diagram. Specific implementation pattern shown in figure 1:1 umbrella for the umbrella rod is equipped with a high pressure to the tip 2, by the umbrella built-in high-voltage batteries, electric batons, and the umbrella handle is equipped with a control switch 3.
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