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Woman said was false police with electric ones after the shock of danger alarm - many times Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
On April 26 at 0, the net friend 'the great circle - Shanghai songjiang 'tweeting, according to a hospital in Shanghai songjiang district parking lot of a fake police, and with electric ones by the electric shock for many times. On the same day, Shanghai songjiang police surging news reporter confirmed that indeed a report, is now investigating. Understands those journalists after interview, the net friend calls the site is located in songjiang district Wen Xiang road of the first people's hospital of Shanghai south outdoor parking lot of the courtyard. , the net friend in weibo said on April 25 in the afternoon, she went to the hospital to do check, due to the parking lot parking almost full, then to park your car in the corner, about 90 minutes later, after checking her get on the bus ready to leave, suddenly a man knocked at her window, and claimed to be a policeman, 'his credentials in front of me for a moment'. The man said that her car almost was stolen just now, and let her off to see the trace of broken. She indeed saw the car car has two shallow scratches, immediately sent a text message to my father. Netizen 'great circle - Shanghai songjiang 'narrative happened in weibo. @ circle - 'Great circle - Shanghai songjiang figure Shanghai songjiang continue in weibo recalls, 'the' police 'to her to go with his case,' he wants to get on the car let me drive away. I thought something was wrong, but are not sure. Then my dad see message calling to ask about the situation, electric batons, and called the police. So I put forward their report, and get through 110, citing vehicle is set up. Hang on the phone after I continue to look at the car. At this time the other round to the back of my, cover me with his left hand, then I really know I meet danger. 'Netizens' great circle - Shanghai songjiang 'narrative happened in weibo. @ circle - Shanghai songjiang figure 'cover my around with a blank sheet of paper I worry there are ecstacy, holding their breath. And the other person's right hand an electric shock stick, at the back of my neck right down ', the net friend says, or because wore a collar of his shirt and thin sweater, being shocked many times didn't faint. She struggled to resist, when the mouth is not cover shouted for help. 'May be someone afraid I call the people, and back for a minute or two success cannot do case, picks up the phone I fell on the ground and ran away. 'She suggested. After that, she hid in the car, let nearby garbage workers called security, with security of mobile phone alarm again. After the event, electric batons, great circle has carried on the examination. After the event, a great circle has carried on the examination. @ circle - Shanghai songjiang figure on April 26th noon, surging news reporter saw in the hospital, the hospital most of parking Spaces on the ground, only more than 20 parking Spaces underground. In addition to the import and export and intersection monitoring probe, the hospital parking lot monitoring probe is very little. According to a security staff, the hospital has nearly 1500 parking Spaces. He took reporters came to the hospital a car park on the west, says there are about 500 parking Spaces. When asked about internal whether there is a parking lot monitoring, the security guards said: 'there is no. 'He pointed to the parking lot at the entrance of the probe, said there are monitored. For parking lots on the south side of the hospital, the security guards said no monitoring. According to the Shanghai songjiang, police said on April 25 afternoon, songjiang police criminal criminal case: alarm call in the middle of the first people's hospital of jiangnan hospital parking lot, was a claim to be plainclothes police man hit in the head, and take the phone. Case, the police is transferred capable police probing work. At present, the case in the investigation. Reporter from the hospital inspection with head injury.
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