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Woman who was put tracks have been rolled after stun death - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
Self-defense electric batons, small make up reported on the evening of April 4, at 10:00, Hu Mou holding the name of cao, carrying with name of cao belongings of the bag and shoes, light of renting the wuling vans, say to send name of cao went to town with LongHua county is located in the old mansion enclosures for medical treatment, after the enclosures is also called the name of cao's rural cooperative medical care projects cannot submit an expense account in the paddock doctor of medical expenses, plus the money request sent to a 3rd battalion. Arrived at a 3rd battalion bridge, Hu Mou holding a cao out of the car and told meng a put with a name of cao your belongings plastic bags on the side of the road. Self-defense electric batons small make up reports: because it was very dark, meng a throw plastic bags from the car only take on the side of the road, then drive back to back to chifeng. 5 in the morning, ready to drive ms meng one found in the car and a pair of blue shoes, recall should be drive woman last night and not looking for just throw it into account. Self-defense electric batons small make up tracking report Meng Fanzhong, shine and others according to meng provide clues, found by meng a throw shoes, and investigated the taxi driver before described in the name of cao's shoes. But another question, and let the police into confusion. Meng said, name of cao didn't spoken from get on the bus to get off, also does not have a sound, so, whether the name of cao had died in the process of driving? Name of cao's time of death and cause of death, for the case of qualitative is crucial. Hao Yan deputy county magistrate to train crash site, discuss with technicians and forensic name of cao was hit the question of whether or not to have died. For sure, a support request directly to the chengde city public security bureau. Chengde city public security bureau criminal investigation detachment commissar Xie Han led the forensic team captains technology the DJ dee, mark captain qing-feng meng and technology deputy district chief medical TengHaiJian immediately rushed to LongHua SuiJin, method, on the field exploration, again on the second inspection bodies name of cao. LongHua forensic results verified when being hit by the train in the name of cao is the conclusion of vital signs, that is to say, before being hit by the train in the name of cao and no death. The third round of interrogation, in front of the evidence of the interlocking Hu Mou finally gave up concealed crime details, awaiting trial in confession, with their own beginning and end of the crime. Self-defense electric batons small make up tracking reports: originally, in the old house on the way to the paddock, Hu Mou to the behavior of the name of cao often away from home more think more angry, then look at name of cao already dying, decided not to cure her. To zhang after the 3rd battalion, Hu Mou held name of cao to track left on its own, outside a later heard the noise of the train brakes, he ran back to the site, see the train has stopped, judge the name of cao has died. He left to find a hotel, live by noon on April 5, go home for the crime in the process of blood clothing and shoes, put down the name of cao's cell phone and your belongings, to get to the station to recognize resin & hellip; …
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