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Women buy self-defense equipment, action fraud - attention Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Beijing and h hotel tenant after the attack, online order for dozens of times of female self-defense, some can sell tens of thousands of electricity a day, equivalent to 3 months of sales at ordinary times. Self-defense is selling well, but also dangerous, like self-defense spray, self-defense flame thrower, bad the attack at the same time is also very easy to hurt yourself. Some netizens said, had accidentally press the self-defense spray, the results of 40 square meters will not be home for people, two hours after returning to normal, visible power is very large. And damage stronger flame thrower, in your bag alone is very dangerous, let alone the safe use. And a lot of female self-defense is not the manufacturer, batch number, address and other information, can't guarantee quality. Bought for self-defense only artifacts, become hurt yourself in the end, the partner abuse of the female, must want to know before placing orders, more attention should be paid when use! Yesterday evening, Shanghai & other; Huangpu police & throughout; The official WeChat, released a set of photos, close shot, close-up, a case. A total of 12 photos, details the photos leading role of the illegal behavior. Since last month, Shanghai launched a traffic violation correction action, released this photo, mainly for the pedestrian red light. In the exposure of information, each exposure is put on the front, and facial features, let all the people who saw the photos, can clearly see who is illegal and running a red light. Huangpu police said that the aim is only one, in order to we travel safety. Motor vehicle, a legal snapped, penalty, fine, but the pedestrian is illegal, law enforcement is difficult, the traffic police hope that through this lighthouse, let each traffic participants, all method, is all well. Read in chengdu university of Chen ling, I've always wanted to find a part-time job, so she released the news on the Internet. 12 that day, a man called, let she runs errands to credit card for 200, and to pay first. Chen ling was very hesitant, but a look at the condition is good, work is simple, just a promise. Can after is a nightmare for Chen ling send card security, such as the other said deposits of $35000 did not have the inside, and then squeezed the Chen ling, let her pay. Fortunately, Chen ling wit, via text message that students called the police, this ability. Whether this thing who cheat who, Chen ling is followed by the implications, she also couldn't think of at first sight, an errand or work, have to flip the liar. Partners, today's news is just right here, remember to forward and point zan!
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