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Women's street with a knife to suicide - with stun guns by jiaojiang swat uniform Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Taizhou daily, June 14 ( The correspondent wen-bin he hung yo-yo) On June 11, jiaojiang a woman because of family emotional disputes, committed, street knife threatened to commit suicide. Taizhou jiaojiang police police after persuade invalid, use stun guns should be uniform. 20 points at 11, jiaojiang branch city public security bureau 110 command center received someone report to the police, according to a woman with a knife in jiaojiang five feng saemaul undong threatened to commit suicide. Human life, patrol special police brigade, district police station called east, organized civilian police to the scene immediately. When the police arrived at the scene, I saw a woman of about s emotional, mouth shouted 'I don't want to live, you are lying to me! ! ! ! ! ! ! 'Women's right hand is holding a paring knife, the blade is against his neck, left hand holding a kitchen knife. After her husband drive to arrive, the woman is with a kitchen knife cut broken husband car cab side glass, then ran to the village on the road. After site, the area east to the policemen to persuade invalid, patrol special police brigade quickly formulate disposal scheme with district east station. Scheme is determined, electric batons, by the district police station, deputy director of the east Zhang Jianhuan as a negotiator, counselling and guidance work, communicate with the female, trying to close the emotional distance, stable mood, attract their attention. Patrol special police brigade police Xu Shimin according to the original plan, carrying stun guns detour from the side to the woman behind, take its spare not stun guns aimed at women's back firing. A loud cry, listen to the woman body rigidity, fell, after the police quickly to control the woman, and took the hands of the sword. Woman was rescued after, still excited, cried: 'why did you save me! ! ! ! ! ! ! 'After the understanding, the woman surnamed li, is 25 years old, because the family emotional disputes, committed to produce to suicidal thoughts.
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