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Women with 'pepper spray' be stopped - when boarding past security Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
China civil aviation network correspondent Li Lingtong, Yang Run's reports, zhi-ming zhong: modern women, safety awareness is becoming more and more strong, go out with you are likely to take a self-defense equipment. Recently, ms zhu 'coyotes artifact' through the security but was told not to carry. On October 28, 2019 morning, take CZ3113 Ms. Zhu went to Beijing, when subject to security inspection, electric batons, boot member small beauty found her carry-on baggage is a small perfume with ordinary perfume, careful small beauty immediately notify open bags open bags of the baggage check. Has obtained the consent of Ms. Zhu, X-ray from ms zhu bag found this special team 'perfume'. The original in appearance looks no difference with ordinary small kind of perfume 'perfume' is a 'pepper spray. Ms zhu explained: 'it's just I carry to protect themselves, I also don't know can't take the plane. 'then, Ms. Zhu to pepper spray' made the ziqi processing. The cloud security warm remind you, in addition to the pepper spray, hand stitch, buzzer self-defense, stun guns is prohibited carry articles such as self-defense. Please the passengers before travel to understand the relevant provisions, in order to avoid inconvenience to oneself.
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