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Working principle of self-defense defibrillator and production. - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
In this website, the goods will be introduced the principle of the defibrillator, its volume is small, with 7. 2 v power can produce more than 40000 volts, very suitable for use in self-defense self-defense. Electronic enthusiasts can be reference for production. Circuit schematic diagram is as follows: T1 and T2 and peripheral components of oscillator, produce about 10 hz dc pulse voltage. The pulse voltage by the T3 driving amplifier, electric batons, finally entered the T4 power amplifier, in the primary coil of the step-up transformer B produce a large current pulse voltage, after step-up transformer booster in the secondary to produce more than 40000 volts. As long as making this an electric circuit is simple, clear according to the following requirements, easy to success. T1 for PNP transistors for B 150 or higher, can choose 9015855, etc; T2, T3, as an NPN transistors, B 130 or more, can choose 9014901 1, T4 NPN high power tube, B 25 or more, had better choose MOTOROLA MJE13005, the tube radiator connected with a C. All resistance use 1/8 w carbon touch resistance. Capacitance using small. K is chosen small push button switch. Step-up transformer in the finished product electric batons can buy high pressure head, or the use of black and white television rows in the output transformer. Nickel battery, battery or nickel metal hydride batteries, which can improve the power, to narrow the volume, had better use batteries. When making, but will be referring to the following components installed. Pay attention to their own safety when testing, if press K after the power supply, transformer high voltage spark discharge end a phenomenon that is successful. All articles from the Internet or magazines, such as the infringement please call!
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