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World of warcraft demons tyrannosaurus electric shock stick share - access explanation Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
How to obtain demons tyrannosaurus shock of warcraft sticks? Demons tyrannosaurus electric shock stick is sura world quest reward DPS effects act the role ofing is tasted, crit resident property, damage proc, electric batons, small make up to sort out here to get the magic tyrannosaurus electric shock stick the fastest front task flow. To a magic dragon electric shock stick to obtain formal process! After the first class of 110, to the city after the initial mission to save the tower lisa camp to find Allies in the process of the first line after the drop, the second line is preferred to sura m find a NPC for camouflage mask edge second line initial is to find a NPC to obtain edge sura camouflage mask, a county in portal! ~ must have priority to do 2 line can be conveniently collected 300 magic ( Conditional to prepare 400 magic) 1 line can use! ( Humans need not 400) Complete initial step two prestigious friendly 1400 around the world is open, the world human task clear it, friendly reputation canyue tavern line finished 2000 camp, a human hand in 400 began to dry method training mission win more box more prestige finish canyue tavern tower of the last step is lisa eyes let you go to the map on the right and wine there directly onto the horse ran over the way will be passing scarlet forest save night eye! ! ! ! ! ! Saved after step and two tasks take trap killed eight night son of paid the night eyes fly away and then drop finish canyue tavern line! ~ good/task back to jump directly activate the zoo! ! ! Last four color don't have to do again please don't send misleading, regional four-color is no prestige, friendly reputation in 2000, don't want to play face above, as long as you meet the above conditions do please wait tyrannosaurus task after setting demons tyrannosaurus electric shock stick act the role ofing is tasted the task related recommendations: world of warcraft 7. 1 blood merchant selling list of sargeras introduction to world of warcraft 7. 1 professional new product material formula method for world of warcraft undead skeleton transformation potion to buy position introduce what's the use of world of warcraft mysterious coin mystery coin effect the world of warcraft 7. 1 combustion dragon access state and details to share, electric batons
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