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Worst hit rock gift recycling business shrinking high-end wine

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

once upon a time, a period of time after the Spring Festival, gift collection is a lively spectacle. Obvious contrast is, however, this year's gift collection market is relatively cold and cheerless, store owners, according to business volume decline obviously, especially high-grade wine is the most difficult to walk.
month, in a creek, south gift collection store, all kinds of alcohol, tobacco, and put in the glass cabinet, a few high-grade liquor was put at the top. When reporters understand the current recycling price to the boss, the boss gave a not low Numbers - — The ninth fold, can yuan RMB as the market price of high-grade liquor price recovery, and all kinds of the recycling price of cigarettes is also not low. When asked about the business situation after the Spring Festival, the boss shook his head said, 'I do! 'And pointed to the top of high-grade liquor said:' the worst selling wine, in particular, I have put them to the most. '
the reporter sees, the store is the main tobacco on recycled and pin products, mid-range and high-end price products have, some shops along with sales brand high-grade cigarette lighter high-grade cigarette lighters and other products. The boss says, oneself do recycling business for many years, mainly to do repeat business. This year high-grade tobacco business is not good, still have other price the product sells out of charge.
in another gift collection store, customers are available to describe 'the staffer', sparsely placed on the counter in the store a few foreign wine. A broader recovery of the store, in addition to high-grade alcohol and tobacco, and cordyceps tonic and gift CARDS, etc. As a high-end liquor, however, the store gives the recycling price is low. The boss what, high-end liquor business is not good this year, the recycling price is not high also.
reporter visits found that rock gift recycling market are mainly in the high-end cigarettes, alcohol and, although sales of alcohol and tobacco are not as good as usual, but because of cigarette production control, store owner questioned said that the recycling of cigarettes better liquidity than wine, the impact is high-grade wine. The reporter understands from rock some gift stores, many high-end wine because of difficult to pin, is almost a shop decoration. ( The reporter Zhong Lilin Lu Guilin) ,

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