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Wu instigated hurt wu instigated hurt is it true that wu instigated the attack the truth - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
The original title: wu accused of abetting the wounding nine months investigation result of wu instigated hurt wu accused of abetting the electric stick hurt all net: according to Taiwan's ettv reported, singer wu as 'foolish' fame, produced in the landing by humorous utterance in one of the judge at the masked singer. And in May 2016 he was accused of allegedly instigated cuts, the plaintiff miguel campos, head of entertainment & other; Mr S & throughout; In 2013 by four electric shock wand beaten, and involves the concert venue sublet, suspected crime of forgery. Taipei office prosecuted say a lack of evidence, electric batons, disposition not to prosecute, another wounded Mr S republic, a man surnamed huang according to the harm of prosecution, and a man involved in RADIO is still in probing. Mr S said five years ago did not receive a dime for wu's propaganda album, the other party consents the Beijing concert to his company, execute the fee in concert, including sponsorship refusing to offset costs, but the mainland have the luxury of ban, concert didn't pass to postpone the approval. And he broke the other concert venues relet, are required to refund fees, electric batons monopoly network, have never thought so trouble, November 11, 2013, when he returned to his home by two men hold 30 cm electric ones face and body attack, thanks to the upstairs neighbor found report. ( The text/hw / 4. com. Cn: wjianyu WeChat: www4hw) The next page back * statement: this site published article for information purposes only, does not represent or support the authors viewpoint, this site are not responsible for content. All copyright belongs to the author or the original media, such as copyright, please inform the universal network links customer service, we will first time processing.
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