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Wudalianchi homicides _ _ electric ones - art photography Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Wudalianchi homicides friend Mr. Hou said Mr. Gao, see Mr. Gao by throwing the phone screen face in public walnuts, walnut didn't smash, mobile phone screen is broken. Xi 'an small village samsung authorized experience store, big circulation plays a video screen, electric batons, a person put a walnut S6 mobile phone screen, with another S6 mobile phone screen on the walnut hit, walnut smashed, two mobile phone screen is in good condition. To see this video, Mr. Gao at the hard phone screen and spend 6288 yuan on the store bought a S6 phone, returned home to hit in the face, electric batons monopoly network, unexpectedly walnut didn't smash, mobile phone screen is broken. Art photography in the past two years the media companies into augmented reality and virtual reality fields, 2014 media businesses to participate in the AR/VR start-up investment transactions have 7 cases; Double (2015 16) ; To grow by 137% in 2016 to 38 cases of investment. Lawyer: merchants consumers should bear some responsibility has fault electric ones on the other hand, although the advertisements mislead consumers, but using a mobile phone to hit, outside the confines of the normal use of mobile phones cause damage to the phone's screen, as a result, consumers also have a certain responsibility.
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