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Wudang mountain in hubei high elevation area cover - 5 g Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
January 7 (Reuters) - Beijing, shiyan Wang) China mobile company recently in hubei shiyan hubei mount wudang jinding opened the first 5 g base stations, visitors can experience through 5 g network online instant tickets, tour guide service etc. Technicians braved the storm to climb steep slope on wang wudang mountain 1600 meters above sea level, mountain steep steep, especially the wudang jinding, basic can't power supply and construction. In order to ensure the effect of network coverage, composed of hubei mobile, tower in combination with 5 g survey team to overcome various difficulties in more than 40 sites around scenic spot, verify the construction planning of the scenic spot. Technical personnel braved the storm to climb on a steep slope, several sets of each about 100 jins AAU equipment ( 5 g antenna) Manual handling to jinding, open mobile 5 g jinding stand in man snowflakes. Number of technical personnel will be set for each of about 100 jins of AAU equipment ( 5 g antenna) Manual handling to jinding wang was taken according to introducing, opened 5 g services in the scenic spot, can meet the 4 k hd video transmission, large crowds high-speed Internet access requirements, such as improving the scenic area network signal transmission. In addition, scenic spot passenger flow peak to intelligent data analysis capability will also increase. Tai chi performance panoramic VR shot wang was taken as we have learned, the accelerating hubei mobile is currently the province within the scope of 5 g network construction, electric batons, 5 g base station more than 1000 have been completed, the museum, east lake scenic area, hubei province, the whole scenic area covers 5 g signals, such as the yellow crane tower. Rock GongQuanJing VR experience wang perturbation of hubei mobile related technical personnel introduces, compared with the traditional 4 g base stations, 5 g base station can not only protect the network quality of scenic spots crowded situation, with 5 g network in the depth of the scenic area covered, based on the unmanned vehicle under the 5 g network transfers, AR panoramic monitor, AR travel guide, multi-functional intelligent light pole and patrol robot and innovative USES will also be in scenic spot, visitors will enjoy a higher quality of tourist experience. ( the
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