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Wuhan business man six small into a standard arbitrage in qi 1 million ( figure

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16
the upscale import razor they cigarette plastic lighters, if there is no 'givenchy, they prefer to use matches. 'In addition to a decent suit, many senior business men are very exquisite - for' six small' — Watches, saber, lighters, tie, razors, became their personality and taste of the little baby. Yesterday, the reporter visited the high-end brand stores and found according to the international first-line brand configuration 'six small,' the price to more than $ten thousand.
watch is the man's jewelry
often do image consultant for business men, wuhan and letter culture development co. , LTD. , creative gift advisor manager Helen lee to this research. She thinks, wuhan business men pay more and more attention to the brand. In the luxury shops of wuhan, Cartier watches, hermes, BOSS of tie, vickers saber, philips razor, givenchy lighters is wuhan luxury market popular men 'six small'.
'like jewelry in women, the watch is the man's jewelry. 'Cartier ( Cartier) Opens, Cartier Wu Hanguo wide shop more men watch prices in several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan between, the most expensive is a operated the tourbillon movement watches, it in addition to the characteristics of the tourbillon of functioning as a stopwatch, attracted the most attention is it rose gold watch.
reporter discovery is not only a watch, hermes ( Hermès) The rose gold price set bit is ( No spot) , while hermes price between RMB and yuan; Vickers officer dao ( Victorinox) A saber with gilded sign price yuan, more expensive than hundreds of yuan's saber out several times. Coincidentally, in the fifth floor of wuhan square givenchy ( 纪梵希) Lighter counters, the most expensive a price yuan lighter is plated with gold.
'six small' buyers more for women
in addition to these aureate deserve to act the role of higher than normal style price, the reporter also found another interesting phenomenon - — In the men's shop choose goods customers much for women.
philips razor shop assistants to tell a reporter, bought two days ago is a product of the counters in the most expensive priced RMB Dutch philips feng type D to be imported from overseas edition of the razor, is a female customer, she send a razor to her husband as a birthday present this year.
in the armani ( Armani) And HUGOBOSS Wu Hanguo widely within the store, too much for women alone or pull a selected men clothing and the partner. Reporter walked into the store BOSS, found that a woman is a focus on selected tie. She told reporters, her husband work is very busy, no time to see, also don't know much about the match, is generally the way I dress made by her. According to guide the given price, the reporter as a rough estimate about: if the 'six small' choose international first-line brand, spend at least ten thousand yuan of above, and the 'six small' the most expensive in the watch can't match so well, because of some brand watch, just a piece of millions of yuan.
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