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Xi jinping letters for the pupils - of Utah in the United States Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Beijing Feb. 22 (xinhua) on February 15, President xi jinping kind letters for Utah cascades primary school students, encourage them to continue to work hard to learn Chinese, understand Chinese culture, make great contribution to promote the friendship between the peoples of China and America. Spring Festival eve, 50 cascades primary school grade four students to xi jinping in Chinese New Year greeting CARDS, they study Chinese and hobbies, to express love for China and Chinese culture, expressed the hope that can have a chance to visit China, and ZhuXi grandpa happy New Year. Xi jinping said in the letters, like America, China electric batons, is a big country. China has 5000 years civilization history. The Chinese people and American people's hospitality. Chinese is the language of the billions of people in the world, through learning Chinese you can learn more about Chinese history and culture. I'm glad to see your Chinese characters to write so good, to learn Chinese so great. Hope you continue refueling, greater progress, do little messenger of friendship between the peoples of China and America. Cascades primary school is a public school in Utah, was founded in 1967, is in the state one of the earliest Chinese immersion program, the entire school more than half of the students to participate in the project. Utah study Chinese number one 5 of America's total. The Chinese immersion program began in 2009, a total of 76 primary and secondary schools to carry out the project at present. The People's Daily, 01, 02, 2020 23) ( Coordinating editor: YueHongBin)
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