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Xinjiang new business group

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

Chinese civil and commercial in the first phase of the
your correspondent TaoWeiHua titled
the vast gobi desert, xinjiang is a international business channel, the silk in China and the world together. It stretches on the picture in the tens of thousands of, the human in the manufacturing of material civilization at the same time also created numerous ShangBang well-known Chinese and foreign. Their stories in history for future generations.
history after a long time period, the golden dawn on silk again. Since seventy s last century, in the tide of market economy, the emergence of a new business group in xinjiang, a short span of years has been a plethora. State enterprises in xinjiang, the corps of enterprises, as well as the China grand, change especially electrician ( , stock! ) As the representative of a batch of xinjiang local companies with strong strength, and come to xinjiang investment home zheshang, Sue, sichuan, guangdong, fujian, shandong, traders and merchants from all over the world, such as make up the 'new' elite.
in xinjiang is located in the hinterland of Asia and Europe, but since the ancient times is a multicultural intersection, xinjiang people since ancient times have a kind of empty sea, tolerance and all the mind. Dream of sustainable development in xinjiang, 'new' community constructed the modern pluralistic society and the vitality of business culture in xinjiang, to become the major force of leapfrog development in xinjiang, the private economy in the new business, and will take responsibility in the peace and stability of xinjiang. The revival of the
a short span of years, silk economy active zheshang, Sue, sichuan, guangdong, fujian, lu shang, jin merchants, such as new business group, become the pronoun of xinjiang economy
wai kong, ray, tea in layer of office, sitting watching clouds flowing water's complacency. He shipped the blue brick flies in the ancient south window decoration of the whole floor office antique, seems to be the jiangnan moved to xinjiang, 'these decorate in only spent'. Wai kong, ray, possessed of the xinjiang culture business landmark - — The village building. Outside, it is in urumqi, bustling commercial center.
from the nearby small Simon, Simon, until the people, the commercial center of urumqi beicheng with European and American style buildings, and not all modern city. Once gates and the ancient city walls, in the fifties and sixties of last century building was demolished in the movement in xinjiang. In xinjiang, wai kong, ray, and at the same time rise in xinjiang zheshang, Sue, sichuan, guangdong, fujian business, lu shang, jin merchants together, the participation and the silk on the most important changes of the city.
'we childhood's landmark in urumqi green to red and yellow wall or cinder block wall on the top of the Russian architecture. Peace canal water is so clear,'s mt. bogda snow all the year round, stars at night, bright moonlight, baihua village ( , stock! ) Is the window of the han nationality culture, ErDaoQiao is uygur to gather, south beam is the small heaven of ethnic russians, nanshan is kazak ranch. 'In urumqi, xinjiang native scholars Cui Baoxin and Tang Lijiu describe s, cut to the chase, and the nature, exotic and ethnic customs.
modern commercial civilization rapidly changed the city old appearance. Once the tallest building of south gate layer is north of the kunlun hotel, is the famous singer daolang song to the 'eighth floor', south of the south gate is the layer of ErDaoQiao market. Now, modern business center in the international market, the logistics center in beicheng XiongLi, islamic style of high-rise building rapidly grown in the south. The towering xinjiang international grand bazaar as a key tourist destination, the domestic and foreign tourists the iconic ErDaoQiao market replaced by the new modern shopping mall. Distributes the guest, and European international traders in border trade city shopping spree. The rapid expansion of the airport line and the city of fields in and out of the intensive developed high-speed, with Asia's economic radiation.
the son along ErDaoQiao cart hawkers of uighurs, mostly in modern shops can now find the footprint.
hami, urumqi, ili, korla, kuqa, aksu and kashi, hotan, these through the silk ancient trade in two thousand, to connect the geographical advantages of central Asia, Europe and Africa, in recent years to regain vitality. Here once again become a merchant's fertile soil, China and regional centers of asia-europe cooperation. Willing to trade the temperament, rich ethnic customs, all over the world, different ZuBie trader, constitute the businessman diverse scenery in xinjiang. Traditional and modern, nation, multiple civilization exchange collision here.
national acquisition this month visit to turkmenistan, kazakhstan and other central Asian countries, particularly mentioned that China will develop friendly relations of cooperation with central Asia for diplomatic priority, and the construction of innovation cooperation mode 'silk economic belt'. The core of Renaissance in xinjiang is in the midst of the silk.
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