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Yantai officials be gift giver was wrong to send red packets ( figure

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

then, women come to the king in a red envelope. Video capture
SMW reporter feng interns Xu Louping a video purportedly shandong yantai pku to receive a red envelope, spread on the Internet for the past few days. Intriguingly, the daughters of the red envelope in the video, still giving you the wrong 'red envelopes', for a party replaced, triggering netizen speculation. SMW reporter noticed that yantai city commission for discipline inspection was reported last month, in the video accepting gift CARDS for the city youth corps committee wenkai, others said they had to investigate to the king. The latest report shows and yantai city commission for discipline inspection, initiate an investigation to the king.
twice to receive a red envelope were filmed
this paragraph entitled circulated on the Internet, the net exposure of yantai youth corps committee of bribery, bribery female hair wrong red envelope 'video only minutes, but recorded a man allegedly yantai pku receive a red envelope, the process of the time is, time left and right sides. Video from a man who is known as the king in the office face into a woman, two people seem to know, because the king's smiling greet with each other, also asked the latter had a holiday, whether because then the woman said quickly observe a festival, for leadership to take a good king, a red envelope on the table and left.
mixed with the king said, 'no', then two people and polite words, after the woman leave.
video at this point, seems to have presented a process gifts, gifts, even though women have been viewed, but the king's face has been photographed clearly. But things end, then appeared more dramatic scene: nearly a minute in the following, is a woman with the shaking of shots in the process of the corridor to walk, and then she went back to the king's office, to 'in red envelopes.
video shows that the woman opened the door of the king and said apologetically, 'I'm sorry. 'Wang seems to see the girl's purpose, from the jacket pocket a red envelope to women, and women and put a new red envelopes, said' this is for you. After the woman at the camera shows the two gift CARDS, left with regret, and the king said in the process of this attitude is very kindly, 'don't worry, that's all right. '
the photographer and intention to curious
'gifts, send the wrong red, still go to exchange? Netizen 'for watching video, no more than this' joy '. Some netizens are put forward, if really send the wrong, is also impossible to exchange, fill again only one. And from the net friend comment, the photographer and the intention of great interest. Some netizens 'suddenly' miraculously message in weibo comments: the original in red envelopes because for the first time without the other party is away, the second is shows the gift CARDS, apparently intentional.
SMW reporter noticed that, as early as last month, the video had circulated on the Internet. Yantai city commission for discipline inspection date of notification, the video was photographed in the gift of king is the communist youth league municipal party committee of yantai wenkai, said yantai municipal party committee has decided that day wenkai comrades were surveyed.
the rise of yantai city youth corps committee office staff of SMW reporter said, don't know events progress, said everything will be subject to discipline inspection commission web site message. It said that 'wenkai since investigation hasn't been office, pku nobody else because it was'.
yantai municipal party committee propaganda department, news department, director zhang told, after a day's gift video, news report to the superior departments, 'a very bad effect'. SMW reporter noticed that yantai city commission for discipline inspection, the website again hair message, according to the municipal commission for discipline inspection to reflect wenkai online investigation to verify on this issue, according to the investigation to verify situation decision to initiate an investigation of wenkai, shall be investigated for corresponding responsibility.
in weibo postings, the communist youth league of yantai city council officer micro has wrote to forward the response.
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