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Yanting town lighter break through 3. 5 billion with an annual output

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

shangqiu month day, xiayi yanting town new employees in quality detection lighter nine lighters co. , LTD. In recent years, the town lighter industry, formed the lighters, one hundred million with an annual output of the production scale, the annual production value. One hundred million yuan, drive. Ten thousand people obtain employment, issuing wages hundred million yuan. New town lighter manufacturing enterprise standardization plant thousands of square meters, from the original mill type small lighters factory integrated home regular enterprise, further enhance the lighter production capacity. Built lighter testing center, change the original lighter product makes to tianjin, can reduce the burden of more than ten thousand yuan a year. Lighter products registered trademark, a brand new nine won 'henan province famous brand product' title, lighter more than enterprise research and development of new models each year, more than the lighter in the domestic market share of %, and exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Algeria and other countries and regions, known as 'Chinese lighters production'. The town excitation policies, encourage lighter manufacturing enterprises on the new injection molding, welding and other equipment. The whole town of injection molding machine from development to the present stage, the welding machine by less than one hundred units, many development to the present, the town formed a nissan ten thousand lighters accessories of the production capacity. This year, the whole town multivariate, per capita net income of farmers is expected to more than % come from labor income of the enterprise.
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