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Yibin bus FangHuoAn lead practitioners to urge reflection bus in real time

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

month days afternoon, sichuan yibin city authorities announced that killed people, injured ', 'FangHuoAn resolved, the case only the dead Yu Yuehai for perpetrators. Yibin bus FangHuoAn there is driving force behind, what on earth is the perpetrators identity, reporters in yibin, neijiang has carried on the track.
hair man in the car ignition petrol citizen injured
days afternoon, sichuan yibin city public traffic bus co. , LTD. ( The license for sichuan Q) Moving to south gate bridge tsui area occurs when burning, cause people died on the spot, the passengers and to participate in to rescue people hospital observation, total treatment personnel, including intensive, critically ill person. As of February 2nd, hospital patients, including heavy crisis, severe, moderate, minor injuries.
the reporter sees in the relevant departments to provide video, in the day time, a short hair, wearing a short-sleeved grey man get on the bus carrying things out of the bus door. Shut the door, the man began to bend over, next to a primary school student began to lay their hand upon their mouth. Night or so, the man in the fire, at this moment, another beside the pupils jumped in the past, the pupil hug her mouth to the window.
- year - old lane is coping of the incident. Bus is on fire, she told reporters she was sitting in the car when the last row. 'Car to the south gate bridge in the middle, I smell a pungent smell of the car, did not think of more than ten seconds later, suddenly caught fire. 'Two other pupils and the car she opened the window after jumping out of the car and a bus but only a little scratch. Yibin city public transport co. , LTD. , deputy general manager Chen gang said: 'the place of hateful is he should choose ignited gasoline in the car to the bridge, there is easy to cause traffic jams, poor rescue them'.
day at left and right sides, deputy director of the yibin Liao Fanglun said at a news conference, through the comparison, pointing, kin recognition, fingerprint DNA lock, determine the case only the dead Yu Yuehai for perpetrators.
the perpetrators teacher jobs resigned introverted years unemployed
the reporter understands survey, perpetrators Yu Yuehai year/month to/year/month in neijiang in junior high school teaching, 7 (date) (month) (year), Yu Yuehai officially resigned from the school leave neijiang, then colleagues have little information about him.
in neijiang 7 junior high school, the reporter through various channels to contact with Yu Yuehai original principal Zeng Ke to work with. He told the reporters, Yu Yuehai more introverted personality, not good at communicate with others. 'He teach at school, a little self-reliance lofty, but it's not a advantages and characteristics of no interest. 'Said Zeng Ke, schools and Yu Yuehai no interest disputes, he also very few people know the idea of dynamic.
neijiang LuoWen large area a nd management stations to tell a reporter, when Yu Yuehai in neijiang and father live together, the family is not very good, the burden is big, have a younger brother, every year should be hospitalized. 'Yu Yuehai when teachers also rented house, a nd management stations used for breeding scorpions. He is quite introverted personality, not good at communicating with people. 'Locke said, years ago, Yu Yuehai father died, they were hastily buried, let a person feel incredible.
from years, colleagues and neighbors have little information about Yu Yuehai. According to the investigation of yibin city institutions, Yu Yuehai in yibin unemployed for many years. Yibin city deputy director Liao Fanglun told reporters, from Yu Yuehai before and after the crime, he showed no sign of disease, 'Yu Yuehai motive is very complex, organ has not been identified in detail'.
FangHuoAn system bus safety guide social concerns individual extreme behavior
days afternoon, deputy director of the yibin Liao Fanglun said at a news conference, yibin bus FangHuoAn extreme behavior of individual, after investigation, can rule out the possibility of other personnel involved in the common crime.
in the conference, authorities announced Yu Yuehai specific crime process: (date) (month) (year) when xu, Yu Yuehai left his residence to ride electric tricycle, hand carry a blue bag, bag with white plastic buckets filled with gasoline, when xu, Yu Yuehai arrive bus station south gate bridge north head women learn block, and stay here, time division, Yu Yuehai in this boarded the bus door, hands are left from the rent of the blue bag, when xu, Yu Yuehai in driving in the bus door dumping gasoline and lit cigarette lighter, trigger bus combustion. Liao Fanglun reported, the above process through spot investigation and inspection conclusion, witnesses identified, related video data to prove.
the afternoon or so, Liao Fanglun on behalf of the local authorities to announce yibin bus FangHuoAn has been solved. However, for urban public traffic safety concerns still cause the attention of the society.
the yibin city public transport co. , LTD. , vice general manager Chen gang said, should be in each city bus equipped with G real-time video system. 'While countries without mandatory installation of the equipment, but I think it is quite necessary. 'Said Chen gang, through the system, which can be suspicious personnel's every move. , according to the company staff XiaoKunMing should strengthen the consciousness of public transport workers, counterterrorism training. Some people give an additional bus, and equipped with a simple scanner on the door, put an end to suspicious personnel to take the goods get on the bus. Also can consider to set up strict exit in bus station, and set up a simple alarm system for product, through publicity to make the passengers to supervise each other. ( Reporter phase ji)
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