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Yiwu spirit sea lighter

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

a: study don't you buy equipment can buy equipment is not in the joining trader that buy to pay treasure to also can buy equipment can't find the supply of goods can go to cixi Shao Dong wenzhou home production. 。 。 You got a room smell of liquefaction and popping from time to time suddenly and violently so one or two? 。 A neighbor? 。 You want to machining lighter is not ready to friends. 。 。
a: the key is you want to advance to find out the price of the product system, to be prepared and fight. In addition, you and wholesalers to build initial trust relationship, they usually give you price is unified, only after many times cooperation and stable, sustained carried out will give you a lower price. Therefore, just began to talk. 。 。
a: I am in yiwu do gifts, often kerosene lighter in Zhao Zhai replenish onr's stock, the price according to the quality is different, generally speaking, there are three or four dollars, there are seven or eight dollars, has a decade or two, also has the high-end machines, depends on how you where the consumer, you can into some different prices, and what do you think of the price. 。 。
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