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Yiwu wholesale stalls lighter

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

when there is a cool summer evening, Yang was surrounded by around nine ye listen to his story teller, that s all of us are listening to the radio and nine Yang ye brought up the story in the book, in the 1990 s, because rural popular TV pattern, nine Yang ye gradually lost his audience for many years, occasionally someone let him say a ballad, he just smiled and, in his later years he in addition to grow some of the crops, grahame, while they are still shop set street vendor selling small commodities for lighter washing powder. 。 。 The hand of the
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in the spring, across to the side of would lay in the earliest records of spontaneously formed the Shanghai cultural relics market, several times, and the resurgence. Years ago, the city will tube, city industrial and commercial bureau and the municipal departments of host, will take the city. 。 。 Became popular with people of the seller. Cigarette brand, Shanghai yuefen brand poster, porcelain chess, mahjong, old-fashioned phonograph, 'victory' radio old razor, electric fan, lighters,
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the temple street night market for don't have features in common, to start with 4 PM side streets every day stalls, multicoloured, crowds, filled with all kinds of cheap. From the evening to late at night is the most lively. With considering the atmosphere. 。 。 How much home is a store sells men's clothing supplies. Jeans, t-shirts and ties, and so on. From nanjing street to tin hau, are selling a suit, sunglasses, shoes, lighter, very cheap. But now the 'male. 。 。
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