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by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Pepper spray self-defense self-defense of spray spray chongqing sales coyotes spray characteristics: non-toxic, no sequela, effect especially good effect of 60 ml: liquid tear sprayer, the effective distance is 2 meters, and make offenders lose vision, upper respiratory tract strong cough, runny nose, dry, comfortable, losing the ability to commit crime immediately, when used on the face. Enabling you to buy time to stop infringement or fled the scene, it's easy to deal with knives, machetes and, with strong enemy, and also difficult to close, camouflage sex, more than any instrument easy to carry, concealment, attack more quickly. A endure to endure, be cut cut, electric batons, suffer from bullying days gone forever. Half an hour after the gunman returned to normal, don't leave sequela. Is most suited to the driver, the driver, cashier, travel, on the night shift, out for business and tourists, the guard, the defense team, patrol, HuCunDui equipped with use and financial system, boss, factory directors and managers cannot little, especially modern women preferred self-defense self-defense supplies! Especially declare: this product is limited to self-defense self-defense, must legally use! Otherwise the consequence is proud, 3 million Sue! ( 3 million Sue concept is, 1 red inside a large spray bottle is nearly 3 kg of chillies! ) Use method is very simple, as long as when using on the other side of the face, loss of vision can make the other party at least 20 minutes, a cough, a full face of hot, completely lost counteractive ability. Even if the other party is Arnold Schwarzenegger, spray to the face can only be defeated and flee. Pay cash on delivery! ! Pepper spray self-defense self-defense of spray spray chongqing sales coyotes sprays
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