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Zhangzhou single women drivers hijacked the gunman in the middle of the night with electric batons, got in the car - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Remember it happened on July 25, night, may ( Not his real name) Still shudder. After three days of hard work, zhangzhou Taiwanese investment zone the police captured the criminal suspect. Yesterday, the police herald reporter sole revealed the case. Breathtaking, opened the door by a strange male hostage on July 25, 8 PM, Angle, 27, the girl may come out from my friend's house, her white car parked at the gate of the Angle of unity road a hostel, is going to drive home. Be in at the moment of open the door, suddenly there was a strange man hold her from behind, 'don't move! Robbery! 'Then, may be man pushed the car. May try to resist, want to loudly cry for help, but strange man quickly covered her mouth, and electrical wand electricity about her, this may not move. Man may bring 500 yuan to him, he may have to from the bag took 500 yuan. At this point, there are two children, strange man afraid of being found, push the may to the location, launched their vehicle. Man with the right hand holding the may's neck, and kept holding her hand, while driving may car, in the Angle of the townships around, after, will drive to the long tai again. Men, meanwhile, has two requirements may give him the money. May have to give more than 2000 yuan in cash to him after the electric batons, before he left the car. On the evening of 10 PM, drive back to the Angle of beauty may accompanied by her family, to the police report to the police. Solve: suspects were arrested after 3 days after received the alarm, attaches great importance to the Taiwanese branch, set up some comprehensive detection work. Through continuous screening, the police finally locked the suspect child a convicted of a crime. On July 29, 9 PM, the criminal suspect is still in a certain order of development zone and hire bed child has been successfully captured. Children's a ( 25, huaan) Admitted his crime fact. Tong said, he has seen two times the victim a white car, driving that car is may. Because of tight in hand, a child like robbery may, get some money to spend, so with electric batons, will be held by may, electric batons, rob. At present, the child one on suspicion of robbery was criminal detention according to law. Remind deft manoeuvre to find time to escape when misfortune hijacked, how to protect themselves? Commercial district police introduction, first of all you should keep calm, to skillfully with the criminal suspect, looking for the right time to escape, 'if you people and cars were hijacked and threats somewhere you want to open to the gangster, you can take the following two ways to escape: one is deliberately violate the rules and regulations, in the traffic intersection, by such means as running a red light, to cause the attention of the police; 2 it is deliberately issue, the owner can first according to the requirement of the criminals from the parking lot first, and then looking for targets while driving crashed, try to choose the vehicle in front of the store. Had an accident, and knocked the owner immediately to reason, this is a very good help, the chance to escape. ' Police said, either way, the objective is to attract the attention of others, as much as possible to improve success rate of alarm.
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