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Zhengzhou a village owner has been more than 20 men hold 'razor' - beating Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Village will be the development of higher education of henan business newspaper reporter Tang Tao/taken higher education district of zhengzhou city has a more than 7000 square meters of space, recently, learned that build commercial housing in the yard for rental, village owner don't want to. Events village owner be played on May 24, zhengzhou city dongfeng road and FengQing road near the intersection of higher education, more than 10 village owner are gathered in the preparation of construction land, more than 20 men suddenly blunt come over, 'electric batons and iron to the owner. Village owner provide live video, many men chased village owner, after several owners bricks hit him in the head fell to the ground. On the same day, the owner of three injured were taken to a nearby hospital, one of them a skull fracture. Owner Mr. Liu, as early as more than half a month ago, there were growing unidentified personnel for the owner to insult, threats, and that all contradictions, is this piece to be built by the village field. In early April, the construction workers on the field survey and excavation of foundation pit. And a number of owners said they around 2002 when buying a house, developers promise this field will be used in the construction of the ground parking lot, kindergarten and basketball courts, etc. , but more than a decade, promise not to cash. Contradiction of the public through the documents show the owner say haven't seen the public reported that more than a decade, the higher education community not completely finished, lies between the gate and residential building of an area of more than 7000 square meters of space has been developers - — Henan province education system construction development co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'prepare to teach real estate') Take up. At the request of the owner, and teach the land property presented the 'state-owned land use certificate' and 'construction land planning permit' copy, electric batons, but there is no 'construction project planning permit', etc. Yesterday afternoon, in the urban and rural planning bureau of zhengzhou city, henan business newspaper reporters in a called 'zhengzhou city people's government on the issues of prepared to teach real estate restructuring assets transfer notice' file to see, 'according to the relevant documents, agreed to split the land alone after transfer to 'and teach property name. '' construction land planning permit', according to the group of former public archives public date as the solstice in 10 March 16, 2014, during the period of 'the public are not yet received people's Suggestions and comments, but many owners, said they have never seen the public. , electric batons
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