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Zhou Bin suspected of illegal business crime is the son of the photo

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

  【 Caijing reporter Zhang Yuxue 】 From authoritative sources of information, in connection with the crime of illegal business, a businessman from wuxi Zhou Bin procuratorate in yichang of hubei, has been approved. Beginning 'after' anti-corruption drama, begin to enter a new stage.
the original sichuan provincial party committee deputy seessbelberg included a series of 'week' officials, industry has been the Supreme People's Procuratorate decision to initiate an investigation, to enter the judicial process.
Zhou Bin born in years, tall, slender eyes, ancestral home in wuxi city, jiangsu province west village ahead. Relying on his father's strong influence, for decades, wuxi weeks home to build a huge and hidden in business empire, extending to sichuan and even expand range from abroad.
'Zhou Bin is a very cautious man, come back from abroad to do business, not to say what all don't understand, and pay special attention to the law, so from lawyers aside to dodge the risk at the beginning of doing business. 'Said a person close to the case.
rao, end of the year, Zhou Bin was found out. After previously, and zhou family together, in the domestic oil systems, systems and related to sichuan, dozen of provincial officials answer lok ma.
but, although and sichuan, sichuan hanlong (the merchant Group) Co. , LTD. , the board ambrose meet and have business dealings, Zhou Bin case involves the case is not ambrose. Rise or fall of weeks home

wuxi wuxi about kilometers southeast of the house is located in wuxi outside the west front of the village, but Zhou Bin not born here. He was born, his father work in liaohe oil battle command. Then, from the oil industry to China national petroleum corporation, and then to the ministry of land and resources, sichuan province, central charges to the c. o. , with his father's career.
years to years, Zhou Bin English major studying in southwest university of petroleum science and technology, met later became the 'white gloves' classmate meter Zhu Liping and Sheldon is.
years, Zhou Bin XieQi huang wan since the return to the United States. Huang wan son of the father is Huang Yusheng Huang Jiqing, mother for ZhanMinLi. Huang Jiqing is a famous geologist, discovered oil fields, a 'father of China's oil,' said. Also once Zhou Bin ZhanMinLi, huang wan shareholding companies.
in the country, especially in sichuan Zhou Bin business involves water and electricity, oil, tourism, investment, etc. , relying on sichuan businessmen bing wu xu in 'lines' and oil system, the value of his business empire to billions.
in wuxi, Zhou Bin uncle zhou yuan xing after graduating from junior high school, home land, have one son and his wife, lifetime at home soil, died of cancer today (date) (month) (year). Another uncle zhou yuan qing after high school, served as no XiHui mountainous land and resources bureau, deputy director, its Zhou Lingying and have one son Zhou Feng ( Within the family and the exemption) 。 According to the magazine after the investigation, except Zhou Lingying business is smaller than Zhou Bin Zhou Feng, relying on the macro yuan investment platform, such as investment development co. , LTD. Followed cousin build great business. In addition to the sichuan, its footprint in xinjiang, and tianjin, and their hometown in jiangsu province and other places.
at the end of week of wuxi, copied, including zhou yuan qing three weeks, many people were taken to investigate. In the same period, Zhou Bin has taken away.
the case has nothing to do with ambrose
(date) (month) (year), hubei eco-circumstances and intermediate people's court of first instance verdict, ambrose was sentenced to death. Ambrose appeal, then after the date of second instance court, the case has not sentenced.
according to caijing, sichuan during the period of business, Zhou Bin and ambrose for a then aba prefectural leaders met. Then, ambrose with ten thousand yuan to buy next week to shore after investment aba nine mountain tourism projects.
later, hair cover in ruoergai county river basin hydropower development projects, the project to promote blocked, ambrose Zhou Bin please come forward to hold. Since then, the project with the county, state and provincial development and reform commission (NDRC) approval, and apply for bank loans of one hundred million yuan.
although two people meet and have business dealings, but the message from authoritative sources, said Zhou Bin suspected illegal business crime is not a case involving ambrose, 'Zhou Bin has nothing to do with ambrose. '
in addition, controlled his ex-wife Yang with ambrose, only suspected of concealing stolen goods, the case is confined to join ambrose, to abscond liouville's sent items such as clothing, at present still did not prosecute the case.
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