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Zippo launch this summer Brazil topic series lighters' Figure 】

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

the world series of Zippo lighters Rio salvation like
'even in the most quiet, Rio and the city is full of. There is no such wild which city, full of wild! Carnival that is traditional history and all aspects of people's life, become the city's character. People between the blue sky, the sea and exotic plants, lived a half life of civilization. The city is still in the air filled with the smell of - — The city flame burning forever! ”— — Brazilian writer rui castro
the arrival of the summer for the World Cup to Brazil once again become the focus. Brazil's second largest city of Rio DE janeiro, also be the first choice of the travelers. Rio DE janeiro is the size of a beach, year-round sunshine, beach, football and samba Rio, leisure, lazy and quiet. 'Create the world spent six days, the seventh day created the world the most beautiful city of Rio DE janeiro. 'The Brazilian said like this. Brazil, adventure and dynamic city breath as the high-end lifestyle brand Zippo lighters hot fire, heat is infinite. Zippo in the summer, especially Brazil theme series lighters, famous for its classic appearance modelling and landmarks for inspiration, will we bring in Rio's long history and always override its and mystery, played a rhapsody and poetry.

the world series of Zippo lighters Rio salvation like
the top coco Havana, mountain, seek salvation like
the mysterious tropical rain forest, full of leisure beach coast, heat of carnival, all filled with magical powers. Here is the Rio, near the beautiful guanabara bay, here mountain, the scenery equally. Jungle surrounded, flow drops of green coco mountain is located in the city. Every night, when you leave or ipanema beach in Rio DE janeiro, lake, looked up and can see the abrupt towering peaks, while Rio's landmark salvation as are located here. The statue to the Brazilian, like as in the United States, the Eiffel Tower in France. Zippo as inspiration, will be the perfect reproduce the wonders of the world on the lighter body, more add a quiet leisureliness and meditation.

Rio carnival world series Zippo lighter dancing
summer carnival, feelings of rhyme sound
unscrewing Brazil as South America's largest Latin countries, it also like football culture, music culture is loved by the people of the world. Elegant unrestrained samba in Brazilian music ( Samba) A lithe and graceful rumba (pace, Rumba) Mambo, fanatical acid ( Mambo) With feverish indulge in gorgeous glamour conquered the world. The world's most famous carnival in Rio DE janeiro every year attracts millions of tourists global convergence here, feel Brazil unique melody rhyme. Bold and bright color, dynamic lively pace, exaggerated Ming yan's character dress up into a new Zippo lighter elements, the theme of the Ming fuselage every time more let a person think of Rio's midsummer, immediately follow the beat cheer dancers, wild.
along with the pace of the Zippo, world. 'Everyday Adventures' adventure from Rio DE janeiro. , bold, brave will be infinite.
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