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ZIPPO lighters those history' Figure 】

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

zippo lighters in man's world is item is over a long period is long, and in the world can probably never like zippo lighters have interesting historical stories.
years, americans, George. Galbraith, to see a friend awkwardly with a cheap Austria after cigarette lighters, in order to conceal the embarrassing lighters, the friend shrugged and said to him: 'it is very practical! 'After galbraith undertakes to clear a simple design, is not affected by pressure or low temperature lighters, and its name is called zippo, which is influenced by was another great invention - — Zipper ( 拉链) , with 'it worked' for the purpose and name. After four years, zippo successfully got a patent for the United States, and in accordance with its original structure redesign the neat rectangle enclosure, covering and the fuselage, with a hinge between design and to overcome the difficulties, around the fire core with a specially designed for design of perforated windbreak. Early 40 s, zippo lighters to become the team's munitions, with the outbreak of the second world war, American soldiers soon love it, a dozen wind with and good performance is well-established in the soldiers. In fact, the year so far, the appearance of zippo what did not happen, and to develop the patent of almost perfect. Every time open the machine cover in the high wind, lit the fire core, you will realize the zippo so original wind design.

years ago the war survivors about their story with zippo:
during the second world war, due to the need of war, zippo all products are provided to us. Thus zippo as those brave soldiers traveled every corner of the battlefield, until today. On the battlefield, bored late at night, the soldiers to fire to keep warm with zippo, or use it to warm a warm frozen holding my hands to feel the warmth of a new club, also some people actually use zippo and an empty helmet made a hot meal. They can use zippo to do almost anything!
Eisenhower himself to zippo praise: zippo is his only can point in any time of the lighters. This is also zippo enduring, are still reasons for people to connect with - — When you need it, it will never make you disappointed. In the more harsh, the more you can realize: zippo always worth your trust!
for a long time, many zippo lighters and fish story has been valued by people is. Especially in New York the epa's Henry? Best story unforgettable. It was in years, a fisherman in the nida hit a weighed pounds of fish in the lake. When cleaning viscera, he found a shiny zippo lighter impressively in the stomach of the fish. The zippo not only looks brand-new still, and a dozen or burning, intact! Only by this, you can know why I don't have to put the zippo collect carefully in the toolbox, and you can put it on any available place!
zippo windproof lighters initial design considering: it can be in any of the bad weather and when you need is to your satisfaction. Facts proved that, in the smoke of the battlefield of world war ii, in, in the desert, and wherever you need it, you will feel the zippo superior performance.
clever design makes the zippo windproof world-famous. But in fact, zippo's key technology lies in its flame itself. The lighter is very different with other brands, zippo not type gas lighters, its fuel is a very stable oil extract, by the flames from the burning of it not only safe and reliable, and unusually clean, won't produce any pollution. The liquid fuel will stay hidden in the glass fiber on the movement of windbreak. In fact, zippo is like a lamp burning way, this is why the zippo lighter has such a strong waterproof and wind resistance.
zippo identification code: although the design of zippo lighters are changing all the time, but the zippo this logo will forever engraved on it at the bottom of the fuselage. In recent 50 years, each engraved with the bottom of a zippo represents the specific meaning of the code. Those used for a long time of encoding (date) (month) (year), for the new replaced. Roman numerals, letters a - L said in ( And so on) 。 The principle of
zippo - — Never gild the lily, never use any 'space age' of polymeric material and high-tech ignition system, its goal is 'simple, solid, practical'. At any time you need, zippo can provide you with safe and reliable source. 。 Inches of chrome plated copper cover, plus. Inches of stainless steel lining, constitutes the zippo solid shell; Made of glass fiber core can be permanently fire burning reliability; Can use flint wheel, nowhere not reflected the zippo is simple, solid, practical.
like all zippo lighters, zippo lighters outdoor series has the following several characteristics:
zippo hard shell can withstand any material collision. A soldier because zippo stop bullets and their lives, and that zippo but still works. Zippo lighters can withstand any soak ( Even if your zippo completely soaked by water, it will make you satisfied with fire 。 When you light the hands of the zippo, it will burn forever. Therefore, even in the cold winter night, almost completely when your fingers, you can also use it to ignite the life-saving fire. Zippo strong and safe and reliable fire from its special liquid fuel used. Under any of the bad weather, therefore, it can be easily lit even stay alive for a long time.
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