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Zp lighters play

by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

a: don't you think about the reason of the wheel? Add real cotton? Flint newly bought, there should be no problem; Oil can be used on your father's lighter, also should be no problem. If it is wheel is broken, have to be in the tank, wheel doesn't come down, or removed by not up. You can verify. 。 。
a: zippo lighters price range, from one hundred to one thousand, the domestic people with the longest are between three hundred and five hundred. Ha ha, in fact, this brand is not a luxury goods, exchange rate and purchasing power of the main problem, very simple, for example, simply in terms of exchange rate, and an American, you month income. 。 。
a: give you a BBS, BBS on see, baidu search zippons. There is, I think the zippo play single, the purpose is to open fire, with different zippo lighters a very classic brand, you must have no oil, then there is the inside of the cotton core in the long run, you want to change, or it will so two kinds of love. 。 。
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